Donor 5765 is tall, fair-skinned, and it is easy to tell that he takes fitness seriously, as he has an athletic build. His hair is kept short and tight. His strong jaw line is accentuated by his facial stubble, which is uniform and attractive. He has hazel eyes that add an enchanting mystery to his appearance. His attire could be described as “stylish mountain man.” He always looks ready for an adventure.
Donor 5765 is always professional and courteous during his visits. He is extremely easy going, making every appointment a relaxed and calm experience. He always responds with “ma’am” or “sir,” and always takes the time to inquire how we are doing. With every visit, donor 5765 asks questions to try and get to know us better, and he remembers details from previous conversations. He is a people person, and he brightens our day when he comes to visit.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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