Donor 5684’s tawny complexion and intriguingly deep, almond eyes distinctly reflect his Korean heritage. His perfectly aligned, inviting smile is revealed when discussing his latest culinary endeavors. Dark and sleek, his hair is stylishly cut and swept-back. His square jaw and prominent cheekbones give his face a handsome, chiseled appearance. This donor maintains his lean athletic build by hiking and spending time in the great outdoors.
Donor 5684 is defined by his quick wit and charm; he loves making other people smile with his clever, offbeat humor. This donor describes himself as a pragmatic optimist, viewing situations with a realistic perspective while still seeing the beauty and creativity in all realms of life. He likes to relax and play video games in his spare time, but this donor understands the importance of hard work and sacrifice- a trait his father instilled in him from an early age. According to donor 5684, the most admirable quality a person can possess is the ability to recognize your own weaknesses and continually work at becoming the best version of yourself.
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