Donor 6022 is classically handsome. He has a chiseled jawline that blends nicely with his strong cheekbones. As fitness is a hobby, donor 6022 is in great shape and has a fresh-faced, youthful appearance. He dresses clean cut and professionally; his hair is always cut short and well styled. His friendly demeanor shines through constantly and his hazel eyes stand out against his bright smile.
Donor 6022 grew up playing sports, and that has carried over into his adult life. He loves staying active and working out in his free time. He finds that family is the most important and influential support system in his life and he hopes to instill those values in his future family as well. A hard worker, donor 6022 excels at most everything he takes on, and has recently completed his master’s degree. Not only is donor 6022 academically and athletically inclined, he is a humble, friendly person and an engaging conversationalist who can make anyone feel at ease.
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