Donor 6203’s dark brown eyes shine with intellect. He wears a friendly smile that draws attention to his shapely lips and straight, white teeth. This donor is often dressed in athletic wear that shows off his tall, fit frame and his love of staying active. His thick, dark hair is trimmed short and neat, and his face is clean-shaven.
For donor 6203, work and play are one and the same. This donor is a talented physicist, and the genuine passion he has for his work can be heard in his voice when he shares a thought-provoking observation with us. His love of science extends to cooking as well, and he applies his knowledge of chemical processes when baking and preparing meals. When he’s not studying physics, this donor practices and teaches Taekwondo. Growing up, donor 6203 was taught the value of generosity by his parents, and he continues to give back to his community to this day. With his research, he hopes to help move the world towards clean, renewable energy sources that will make the world a safe place to live in for all.
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