Donor 5774 is attractive, with an expression that can hypnotize you from across the room. His gaze resembles that of a gritty actor; it radiates confidence and suavity. He has a dark beard that is trimmed neatly into a fine line, which highlights his strong jawline. His body is fit; the most notable feature is his muscular legs, which are apparent even through loose-fitting trousers. Donor 5774 always comes in dressed in stylish attire. His style is athletic casual, blending comfort and flair, while also leaving an air of mystery as to what these choices symbolize for him.
Donor 5774 is calm and collected, and ensures with every visit that he acknowledges everyone in the room. His efforts show that he wants everyone he encounters feels like they are important. His appears comfortable in his own skin, which is evident through his gait and posture, both of which accentuate his confidence. When speaking with him, it is clear that he values people, and thoroughly enjoys every conversation he participates in.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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