Donor 5788 has a slim, athletic build, nice brown eyes, and light auburn thick, wavy hair that he keeps cut short. He has light skin, many freckles, and a cute round chin. He has light auburn facial hair that he wears as a nicely trimmed goatee. This donor’s bright smile and cheekbones with a slight prominence pair nicely, making this donor very attractive. This donor likes coming in with classic denim jeans and different color flannel shirts that show off his athletic build.
Donor 5788 is extremely easy-going, caring and friendly. He loves being creative and spending time outdoors going hiking, playing soccer, and playing baseball. He likes expressing his creativity painting and indulging in his IT consultant work. His charismatic, upbeat personality is hard not to love. He is exceptionally intelligent and admires others who crave knowledge just as he does. He loves being a “go-to” person for others that need help with anything and likes seeing others have in life and reach their goals.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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