Donor 6213 is a tall, lean man who attributes his figure to spending his free time at the gym. This donor’s dark, almond-shaped eyes are framed by well-groomed eyebrows and dark lashes. His jet-black, tousled hair is usually swept to the side, and it contrasts nicely with his soft, fair complexion. His full lips smile excitedly as he talks about his latest work endeavors, and his business casual attire further reflects his passion for his profession.
Donor 6213 is a well-spoken individual, who expresses himself in a very eloquent and articulate manner. Throughout his life, his parents emphasized the importance of education and a good work ethic, and these valuable lessons allowed him to earn his Juris Doctor and graduate from an Ivy League Institution. He believes that nothing comes free or easy in life, and only those who understand how to handle diversity and keep on trying despite their failures are the ones who will succeed.
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