He stands tall at 5ft 10.5 in with a slim, but muscular build. His fair complexion balances out with his dirty blonde hair and brings out the green in his eyes, making the gold flakes glisten when the sun hits them. We don’t think he knows how charming he really is.
Donor 5793 is very energetic and always has a story to tell when he enters the room. Wherever he goes, he is always dressed to the nines and walks with a purpose. The first thing you notice when meeting him are his electrifying green eyes. When he smiles, it’s as if the emerald in his eyes intensifies. When he talks about his job, you can hear how intellectual and studious he is with every word. In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball, cooking, and traveling. Every day we learn something new about him, whether it’s learning another language or earning a new certification. He always strives to improve himself in as many ways as possible.
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