Donor 6130 is handsome and well put together young professional. His is always clean cut and well dressed when he comes into the office. He likes to stay active by playing sports. One of his favorite activities is getting outside on the golf course. He is well groomed; he takes care of himself and his appearance.
Donor 6130 has a great outlook on life, even though he is a hard worker he likes to have an easy going and laid-back approach to life. After graduating with his bachelor’s, he went into the work force and found he wanted to fulfill his dream of working in law. He went back and completed his law degree to get him into his dream career. Being a lawyer is a stressful job, but his approach to life is not to let the stress affect his day to day. He likes to think of what is the most impactful and whether he has control over it, if not he lets it go. Along with his career he likes to unwind with spending quality time with his family. His family has taught him that being honest, loyal and trustworthy are the most admirable traits a person can have. Donor 6130 holds up to these traits in his day to day life and is an overall great person to be around.
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