Donor 6307 has dark brown oval shaped eyes and thick, dark brown hair. He has a muscular, athletic well-toned physique. He has a charming, bright smile and a cute button nose that compliment his other facial features. His kind eyes set him apart from our other donors and make you feel as if you can tell him anything. He has slight dimples and thick eyebrows that pair nicely with his thick, brown facial hair. He is incredibly handsome and we are always happy to see him when he comes in.
Donor 6307 aspires to become a teacher. He describes himself as upbeat and happy. He appears to be enthusiastic and always sees the brighter side of things. He likes getting to know new people and making situations more comfortable for others. He likes being outdoors and would love going to various beaches around the world. He also likes to spend his time reading various novels. He appears very romantic and loves doing things for his significant other. He enjoys making others laugh and feel better whenever he can. When speaking with him, he appears exceptionally positive and friendly.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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