Donor 6311 has alluring hazel eyes and thick, dark brown hair. He has a medium build and a straight, even smile. This donor comes in with casual denim jeans and nicely fitting T-shirts that show off his toned physique. He has a square chin and dark brown facial hair that compliment his friendly smile. This donor’s boyish charm and approachable persona set him apart from our other donors.
Donor 6311 appears very pensive and methodical. Although he appears shy at first, he is very friendly and polite. He loves being able to give back to his community, participate in charities and help others. He admires his research capabilities and believes it helps him succeed in his career. He is also very kind, and we find him to be dependable as well. This donor is also very outgoing, brave and adventurous. He admires putting others before himself. He is also very intelligent, which is evident when speaking with him.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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