This donor stands at a tall 6’1”, with a muscular build. He has silky blue eyes and blonde hair that he wears short and well groomed. Donor 6312 is a tall, handsome man with a kind smile.
Donor 6312 is a nice man. Although initially firm, once you get to know him you realize how kindhearted he truly is. This donor values his relationships, especially with his friends. He is a motivated, driven person that enjoys challenging himself to advance in life. Donor 6312 believes that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.; To stay healthy physically he workouts; for hobbies he enjoys working on cars or anything with his hands. His favorite time of year is the fall, when he enjoys the outdoors playing sports or building bonfires. He feels strongly about civic engagement; he volunteers in his free time to help disabled veterans. Throughout his life, the most important thing Donor 6312 has learned is to take things as they come, live life in the moment, emotionally and spiritually.
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