Donor 5781 has curly black hair, brown oval eyes, high cheekbones, and a bright smile. He has a medium build and a muscular stature. He wears his hair in a short mohawk-fashion and keeps it nicely trimmed on the sides. He has a short goatee that he keeps evenly trimmed. He has a cute button-nose and a round chin that compliment his facial features.
Donor 5781 is extremely ambitious and honest. He believes he is extremely unique due to his great work ethic and aspirations. He loves to travel and being around his family and friends. He believes that being happy is the most important thing in life. He is very easy going and easy to talk to. Each time he comes in he always has a bright smile on his face. He is very amicable and likes getting to know the staff. This donor is very intelligent and enjoys intimate moments with his family and friends. He believes that giving back to the community and philanthropy is extremely important.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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