Donor 5575 is a tall, slim-fit and dapper young man. One is instantly drawn to his gentle, kind and piercing blue eyes that sit under thick, clean brown eyebrows as he enters the room. Always smiling as he bids you a good day, his light-rosy pink lips curve widely to reveal a devilish smile, his cheeks also curve up helping illuminate his face. His head is greatly adorned with thick, clean-cut wavy brown hair always combed and neat, shorter at the sides while letting thick waves fall over his forehead.
Donor 5575 is a joyful, calm, mature and empathic individual. He enjoys a variety of activities, be it playing on the guitar, playing sports and even simply relaxing at the movies with his wife and sharing a bag of popcorn. He has an affinity for fantasy and fiction to relax after a long day at work as well as enjoying good delicious food. He keeps the memories of his childhood close to his his heart that have helped shaped his outlook in life and his own familial goals. He is a kind individual always willing to be helpful and give back to his community and to those in need. Donor 5575 is a handsome person both inside and out.
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