Donor 6251 is a personal trainer, and his muscular build and athletic attire make him look the part. He has a bright, friendly smile framed by a dark black beard and moustache that stand out against his warm complexion. This donor has kind, light brown eyes that shine with interest and encouragement when he speaks to you.
Donor 6251 is an entrepreneur at heart, and he lives his life with integrity and focus. He is a very successful business owner, and this donor uses his excellent interpersonal skills and sharp mind to make his dreams reality. He admires resourcefulness and strong character in others and believes that people are defined by how they act when nobody is looking. Donor 6251 is a devoted family-man as well, and he adores his small family. He enjoys playing a wide variety of sports, but his favorite past-time is simply tossing the football ball with his young son.
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