Donor 6248 is a tall, charming man with a commanding, communicative presence. He is very jovial, and always smiles and animates with his large, dexterous hands when he speaks. This donor’s glittering green eyes are inviting and full of kindness. His curly brown hair is kept at a medium length that adds to his laid-back, easygoing appearance. Donor 6248 wears a short well-trimmed beard, and his fair complexion often becomes rosy on cold or blustery days.
Donor 6248 is an energetic, outgoing man with a passion for life and the people in it. Growing up in a comfortable home allowed him to grow into a confident, self-assured person with a gift for reading others. He believes compassion and respect are the most valuable traits one can possess, and he sets time aside every day to help someone or let them know they are loved and appreciated. He is an avid music fan, and begins each morning with a song to set the mood and tone for the day. Although he is studying finance, donor 6248’s true love is cars, and he has extensive knowledge on mechanics and their engineering. He dreams of one day racing a car he built himself.
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