Donor 6302 is handsome with a slim but very fit build. He has curly black hair that he wears short, it perfectly frames his cute face. His eyes are soft and kind that can look straight into your soul. With a smile as warm as his, it could make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. Donor 6302 is a very handsome man and is lovely inside and out.
Donor 6302 is a magnetic force; he walks in and you feel as though you have known him for years. He will always enthusiastically engage with you in conversation. This donor is also very intelligent; he is working on his PhD in mechanical engineering. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing the piano, reading, and painting, a true renaissance man. He highly values the importance of traveling and seeing the world from different perspectives to understand how others live. This donor appreciates qualities such as intelligence, generosity, and mindfulness. In a partner he looks for a curious, driven, opinionated, person. On a romantic evening, he would make a partner a well-cooked meal, take them on a walk in the park, and end the evening with some wine and a card game. In the future he sees himself working for an aerospace company of his own, traveling, and making frequent trips to the beach. To find moments of clarity, this donor stargazes as it puts life into perspective. He realizes that we are so small and fleeting, but also that life is amazing and we should enjoy every moment. This donor is absolutely a creative soul with a zest for life.
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