Donor 6163 is a tall, athletic person who keeps his dark brown hair and beard short. He stays fit through a variety of physical activities including bodyweight strength training, jiu-jitsu, and gymnastics. His participation in wrestling and track in high school first sparked his interest in strength training and now he has continued with this training as a hobby in adulthood. He also stays active while spending time with his family by taking walks and bike rides with his parents. Donor 6163 is attractive and fit with a casual sense of style.
Donor 6163 is a talkative, intellectual person who enjoys classical music and spending time with his family. He is curious about the world and appreciates the value of learning. Constantly teaching himself through videos on the internet, he is always willing to learn new skills and gain more hobbies. He explores other cultures through traveling and learning to cook, currently taking an interest in making Japanese dishes. He is a skilled classical pianist and even teaches piano lessons in his spare time. Dedicated to his musical growth he still takes lessons of his own and sticks to a rigorous practice schedule. While he is talented and intelligent, he is not prideful, but rather self-aware and understanding of others, believing people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. Donor 6163 is organized, resourceful, and always an interesting person to talk to.
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