Donor 6336 has oval-shaped, light blues eyes that look like the sky on a clear day. This donor has well-kept blonde hair that complements his fair complexion. He has a large build due to his active lifestyle. He also has a tall stature, but is not overwhelming due to his very cheerful demeanor.
Donor 6336 is a proactive and extroverted man who makes the most of life. This man is quite active as he loves motocross and playing golf. This donor is quite adventurous and humorous. He appreciates honesty and humor from people. He is a caring man who cherishes his family and friends. Donor 6336 grew up on a farm, so he is very empathetic and compassionate towards animals. He also greatly appreciates nature, and would love to live a life outdoors, perhaps near the mountains. Overall, he is someone you would want to have in your life.
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