Donor 6281 is a handsome man with captivating dark brown eyes that exude wisdom and curiosity. His shapely, full lips are framed by a tidy beard and moustache that emphasize the straight lines of his jaw. This donor stays in shape as a result of his love for the outdoors and playing sports with friends. This donor has beautiful, thick brown hair that he sweeps back, and he often wears stylish, well-fitting activewear and sneakers that lend to his sporty, sophisticated appearance.
Donor 6281 is a highly intelligent cancer researcher with a passion for philanthropy and helping others. He is composed and confident, and he possesses the unwavering patience that his line of work demands. The donor expresses gratitude for everything he has in life, and his often-difficult journey from a child living in remote Nepal to a PhD-holding scientist in America fills him with a well-earned sense of achievement. In his free time, Donor 6281 enjoys taking his family on picnics, playing volleyball with friends, and staying up to date with the latest medical research publications.
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