Donor 6280 is hard to miss with his tall stature and buff frame. His dedication to weightlifting and cycling is evident in his muscular arms and legs. He sports thick, straight black hair that matches his equally textured eyebrows. He has thinner, dark brown eyes that are accentuated by his full, rosy cheeks and lips. This donor has a deep olive tan from spending all his time outside during the summer and playing tennis.
Donor 6280 is focused and determined—on a mission to seek out new goals and accomplish them. Throughout his childhood, he was constantly moving between countries and adapting to the different cultures and curriculums, which inspired him to pursue a career in education and dedicate his life to teaching. This donor enjoys traveling to less developed parts of the world, immersing himself completely in the culture to gain an appreciation for other perspectives on life. As a hobby, he spends his time working on ideas for new product patents and writing potential book proposals. He prefers to live his life with the thought that time is limited, which motivates him to do as much as he can in as little time as possible.
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