Donor 5589 has an athletic body thanks to his regular aquatic exercises. His deep blue eyes are his most beautiful feature. It really is like you are looking into the blue ocean. His dark, sandy blonde hair is kept shortly trimmed. He has a beard that complements his pink soft lips and gorgeous eyes. Donor 5589 has been told multiple times that he looks like actor Chris Evans.
Donor 5589 is an older soul and homebody, who is very compassionate and caring. During college he was involved in competitive swimming and is very active in sports, from surfing to snow boarding. His love for the water motivated him to become an aquatics director. He is a huge fan of Billy Joel, which was his main inspiration to major in music. He started playing guitar at age seven and has also mastered violin, piano, and bass. Donor 5589 is very close to his family. Some of his best memories are with his sister and father enjoying amusement parks, creating great memories.
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