Donor 6344 has an average stature and soulful, brown eyes. His look transmits peace and calm. He has light, fair complexion and uniformly brilliant brown hair. He enjoys sports and working out as is illustrated by his healthy physical appearance. Donor 6344 is both elegant and athletic.
Donor 6344, although shy and quiet, has a warm presence that makes people comfortable around him. He is a man that believes that there is always room for improvement and seeks to become a better person every day by being more empathic and compassionate to others. This donor is committed to pursuing a lifelong career dedicated to helping others as a doctor. He believes that hard work, responsibility, and collaborating with others are the keys to success and personal growth. He is passionate about music and swimming, and he excels at both. This donor strongly admires and values his family. He is caring and has a strong sense of sympathy for others.
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