Donor 6322 is tall with broad shoulders and a kind face. His lighter skin is easily tanned, which makes his bright blue eyes pop. He usually has a casual and comfortable sense of style that matches his interest in hiking and skateboarding. He usually keeps his dark blond hair a bit long, which frames his face nicely. When he smiles it always reaches his eyes, instantly transforming his well-proportioned face from serious to sweet.
Donor 6322 is a southern gentleman with family values at his core. He genuinely enjoys spending time with older generations of his family and values the bonds and memories he creates with them. This donor seems like an old soul in the way he fosters meaningful relationships with those around him. On the other hand, he doesn’t take himself too seriously; he has a witty sense of humor and a playful side that can be seen in his love for science fiction and playing tennis. He is inquisitive and curious, never missing small details. Combined with his serious side, this makes him perfectly suited to go into a career in law. His natural intelligence and hard work ethic also give him an advantage for his chosen profession. Donor 6322 is well-rounded and excellent company.
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