Donor 5861 has an incredibly athletic build with broad shoulders and a toned physique. He has perfectly tanned skin, which shows off his flawless complexion. He has a wide grin adorning his square jaw and deep, thoughtful brown eyes. His brow is always in an inquisitive position as he is always eager to learn new things. Donor 5861's sense of style is simple but elegant. He has beautiful dark brown hair which is always neatly groomed to frame his face.
Donor 5861 is an extremely intelligent and driven young man. He has already obtained his bachelor’s degree and graduate degree in biology, which he applies to his work every day to make a positive impact. Donor 5861 consistently has a happy demeanor and is always willing to converse. He loves nature and being outdoors, as well as playing games in his down time with his family. Donor 5861 is mature beyond his age, focusing on happiness and growth rather than monetary or physical items. Donor 5861 is a welcome addition to any setting as he is very versatile, well spoken, and generally a joy to be around.
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