Donor 5866 is a cheerful, handsome young man. His kind, dark brown eyes are complemented by thick dark brows. His round face is punctuated by strong features and full lips. He attributes his toned physique and slight tan to time spent working in his garden. His full head of hair is styled in a short professional cut that complements his business casual style.
Donor 5866 is a hardworking individual who takes pride in his achievements. He is a man with great intelligence and compassion. He finds happiness in responsibility and it is extremely important for him to finish what he starts. His determination is influenced greatly by his mother and brother. He is a passionate reader and enjoys scientific books and fictional comic novels. Even with his busy schedule, he always finds the time for his beautiful wife. He dreams of traveling to tropical islands together while eating seafood alongside a colorful sunset followed by reading a great book. His mellow tone of voice creates a calming energy to those around him.
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