Donor 6191 is a well-dressed man with sandy blond hair he keeps styled out of his face. His full eyebrows frame his gray-blue eyes, which are set above rosy cheeks. While he appears very serious when first meeting him, his friendly face brightens whenever he smiles, always actively engaging with anyone he converses with. He is always dressed in a full suit but enjoys incorporating fun, bright colors into his wardrobe to spice up his everyday corporate attire. He has a medium build with broad shoulders and enjoys swimming in his free time to stay active and clear his mind.
Donor 6191 is a mature, kind-hearted young man who gives the impression that he is wise beyond his years. Growing up as an only child, he was able to spend quality time with his parents and grandparents, appreciating the wisdom and insight his older relatives could provide based on their past experiences. His Jewish heritage is important to him, and he values the traditions that his ancestors have passed down. He is well-spoken, which combined with his booming, deep voice gives him a sense of confidence even though he admits to being rather sensitive inside. One of his main values is selflessness which is shown through his commitment to volunteer work and his lifelong goal to use his skills as a financial advisor to alleviate suffering. Donor 6191 is well-organized and punctual; he always makes sure he completes tasks in a timely manner.
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