Donor 6284 is a muscular, fit individual with a strong, sculpted upper body due to years of gymnastics training and wakeboarding. He has a porcelain skin tone that easily tans and freckles when he goes to the beach with his family during the summer. He has bright blue, oval-shaped eyes that are accentuated by his darker blond, fine hair. He has a straight nose and high cheekbones that turn rosy with excitement when talking about his role as a dad to his two beloved children.
Donor 6284 describes himself as a jack-of-all-trades and he has the experience and skill set to back this up. Creative and versatile, this donor picks up new skills and techniques with ease and enjoys the challenge of constantly learning and growing. He describes his mind as “engineer-like” and he excels at building things, entrepreneurial projects, and graphic design. He has a passion for thrills and adventure and loves riding his motorcycle and skateboarding when the weather is nice. When he wants to relax, he likes to sit by the fire or play card games with his family.
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