Donor 6285 has a toned, athletic build with broad shoulders and lean arms from years of playing outdoor sports such as volleyball, golf, and tennis. He has light brown, perfectly groomed hair that pairs well with his kind, oval-shaped brown eyes. He has delicate facial features such as a small, sleek nose and thin, pink lips. His love for the outdoors is obvious in his olive tan and freckled skin. The staff finds this donor’s wide, contagious smile to be adorable and believe it complements his youthful appearance and personality.
Donor 6285 radiates optimism and positivity. His aspiration is to be happy and healthy and hopes to attain this by being around good friends, family, food, and music. He grew up in a small town, cares deeply about his family, and was raised to respect traditional morals and values. His two main passions are cooking and sports. He earned his BS/Kinesiology with a focus on Sports Management and now works in Customer Support. In his down time, he finds peace and serenity in gardening, sewing, and painting. When he’s up for more of a thrill, he partakes in adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking.
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