Donor 6189 is a handsome, well-dressed man with a slim build due to his many years playing soccer as a child and young adult. He keeps his shiny black hair long enough to cover his forehead, but short enough so it doesn’t hide his dark brown eyes. Often making eye contact when in a conversation, his eyes show he is a good listener who always gives others his full attention. He is always well-kempt, often wearing business attire which coincides with the professionalism of his career in law. Even when he is not on his way to the law office, donor 6189 has a clean, put-together appearance while dressing more casually. He is an attractive man with a kind smile.
Donor 6189 is a kind-hearted attorney who believes happiness is the key to a successful life. His commitment to being a good person, no matter what challenges he faces, is inspiring. As he was growing up his parents emphasized the value of staying humble while achieving his goals and striving for success. His time management skills are excellent as he juggles spending time with his wife, staying in contact with his family abroad, and practicing law. Even with his many commitments, he is always punctual and communicative. He is known for staying positive and believes that is one of his best qualities. His positivity also allows him to stay calm in stressful situations which has helped him keep a cool, collected demeanor both in his career and in his life in general. Donor 6189 is always kind and respectful to others.
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