Donor 6188 has a handsome face with full lips and almost flawless skin. He has a great head of hair that looks good long or short; his current shorter cut accentuates a beautiful smile that could be used in a marketing photo for a dentist. His style can be described as simple but polished. He has a lean build with muscular shoulders left over from his days as a swimmer. He keeps in shape through a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and playing volleyball.
Donor 6188 is a humble and respectful young man. He’s a straight shooter with a dry sense of humor that catches you by surprise. He is ambitious in his career path and does not rely solely on his natural intelligence but is dedicated to his studies. As a man of science, he’s very logic driven but he shows his creative side through cooking and baking. He developed these hobbies because of the quality time he spends with his family. He has a heart for others, seen through his volunteer work with human trafficking prevention and interest in living sustainably.
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