Donor 6292 is a tall, lean man with a medium build and muscular arms and legs. His long, straight dark-brown hair is streaked with natural golden highlights that glisten in the sunlight and is always perfectly styled in a ponytail. He has large brown eyes that compliment his light-brown facial hair and accentuate his full pink lips. He has a warm ivory skin tone from spending all his leisure time gardening.
Donor 6292 is a laidback, calm individual who prefers to do mellow activities such as gardening and going on walks. Growing up in a middle-class small town, he prefers to live a quiet life and isn't interested in technology or social media. A talented musician, this donor plays multiple instruments including the keyboard, trumpet, flute, and guitar. When’s he’s not making music, he enjoys listening and is an avid fan of funk and soul music. His goal is to earn his Bachelor's in Mathematics so he can teach and eventually start a hydroponics business.
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