Donor 6424 has a tall and muscular build. He has brown hair that he keeps styled in a trendy fashion. This donor has blue eyes and is either clean shaven or has short facial hair. He works in finance, so he usually dresses very well and puts effort into his appearance. He smiles with an almost mischievous grin on one side of his mouth.
This donor has a reserved personality and typically keeps things close to the chest. However, he is passionate about his interests and cares about others deeply. He identifies closely with his father, who taught him priceless life lessons. This donor enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, typically on the water. He has a love of architecture and would love to see the old buildings in Europe. Staff find this donor to be polite, even though he does not talk much.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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