Donor 6294 is a handsome man with a short beard and shoulder-length red hair that gives him the appearance of an intrepid outdoorsman. His dark brown eyes are soulful and intelligent and are framed by thick brows. This donor has a kind smile that reveals his down-to-earth, personable nature. He keeps his body in shape with regular trips to the gym or hikes with his dog.
Donor 6294 appreciates life’s little moments above all else. He often takes some time out of his day to play with and pet his dog or learn a new recipe. This donor cherishes the opportunity to disconnect with the busy world around him and marvel in the beauty of the everyday. He is quite outgoing and social as well, and his inviting personality allows him to get along with just about anyone. This donor values honesty and strives to approach everyone he meets with empathy and an open mind.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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