Donor 6199 is a curly haired cutie with warm brown eyes. He keeps his hair trimmed except for the top where he lets his curls grow. He has a full thick beard and well-defined brows that frame his handsome face. He has a nicely proportionate body, muscled from years of Jiu Jitsu competitions and kept in shape by continuing to run, box, and spar for fun. He has a fun and colorful sense of style also seen in his several tattoos.
Donor 6199 is a well-rounded individual with a myriad of interests that he pursues with a passion. If he is interested, he gets invested; his passion for his hobbies like amateur ornithology and herpetology is infectious and makes him a great conversationalist. He is well-read with a penchant for science fiction books, but also likes to get outside and stay active. He pushes himself to achieve his goals whether it is pursuing higher education or running a half marathon. He is an optimist who puts his heart into his work in mental health counseling and will no doubt excel in that.
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