Donor 6427 is a well put together and handsome individual. He has a quirky style and is usually sporting a goofy t-shirt with stylish rimmed glasses. He has a pleasant smile and deep blue eyes. He has thick blonde hair that he keeps well styled. This donor has a nice laugh and is engaging to speak with. This donor keeps himself clean shaven which shows off his solid jaw line.
Donor 6427 is a kind and genuine human. This donor knows who he is and is confident about it. He also likes to bring up others around him and believes the hardships we go through make us better in the end. He is very forward thinking and wants to improve the world around him. He cares deeply about the planet and wants his career to be focused on alternative energy and improving climate change. Staff find this donor very easy to talk to and pleasant to interact with.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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