Donor 6731 is tall, dark and handsome with a rugged charm of one who enjoys the outdoors. His thick, curly hair is well-kept and perfectly contrasts with his fair complexion. His full lips accentuate his dazzling smile, and his bright green eyes are complemented by full eyebrows. Donor 6731 has a lean muscular build and is often dressed casually in jeans and fitted t-shirts that display his strong physique.
Donor 6731 likes to be adventurous and take risks. He plays basketball, disc golf, and enjoys kayaking. He has won various awards for his athleticism. In addition, he is creatively gifted; he likes to express his creativity by writing songs, playing the guitar and even writing poetry. Donor 6731 is highly social, respectful and approachable. He always greets the staff with a warm, friendly smile and has a lively contagious laugh.
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