Donor 6391 has warm hazel eyes with bright specks of green and gold. He has chocolate brown hair and dark, defined brows often furrowed in a look of deep thought. He has pale, ivory skin that is contrasted with his thick, dark beard. He stands at about 6 feet tall and has a deep voice that reverberates throughout the room. He has a slight but charming smile.
While Donor 6391 is quiet and tends to keep to himself, none of the staff would describe him as shy. He has a silent confidence that shows in the way he carries himself. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing and is even an avid axe thrower. He deeply cares for the environment, animals, and people and has spent much of his time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and at animal shelters.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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