This donor’s bright, fair complexion is accompanied by his ocean blue eyes, suave hair, and well-kept beard. Being six feet tall, he commands all the attention in the room. He has a sparkling sense of style, always coming to his appointments in a suit and tie. He looks like actor Chris Pine.
Donor 6389 is patient, confident, and candid; this go-getter fits his personality assessment of a “Commander.” He is a successful real estate appraiser, and he also has a wide range of interests including hiking, music, studying languages, playing soccer, playing hockey, and rock climbing. This donor has an easygoing, laidback, and chill personality. The staff finds him exceedingly attractive, with a mellow, welcoming voice with a calming tone. He is a good listener, always asking questions and wanting to learn and become better than he was before.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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