Donor 6712 is a handsome, young architect with a lean frame and muscular arms. He has narrow, dark brown eyes that are accentuated by his thin, light eyebrows. His hair is shiny and black with thin, side-swept bangs covering his forehead. He has a tan skin complexion which he has developed from many summers spent fishing and hiking outdoors.
Donor 6712 is a laid-back, outgoing graduate student with a passion for drawing and bringing his designs to life with architecture. His goal is to get his Master’s in Architecture and get a job in which he can grow and feel valued. Well-versed and cultured, he has traveled to most of the world’s continents. He grew up competing in ballroom dancing and can dance anything from the waltz to salsa. He also has talent for playing multiple instruments including the piano, cello, guitar, and harmonica. When he wants to relax, he enjoys making sushi and reading comic books.
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