Donor 6718 is a lean individual with muscular arms and structured legs from years of playing as team captain of his high school soccer team, being a four-time hundred-meter relay race state champion, and recently adopting the martial arts technique of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has thick jet-black hair that pairs well with his perfectly trimmed beard and groomed eyebrows. He has highly expressive dark-brown eyes that soften his appearance and glimmer with joy whenever he cracks a joke. He has a beautiful smile with full, beige lips that pop against the background of his caramel skin tone.
Donor 6718 is a natural leader who describes himself as being physically and socially courageous and uncommonly unafraid. He is comfortable in ambiguous situations and thrives in a challenging setting. He speaks four languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Swahili that he picked up on his study abroad program in Tanzania while attending an Ivy League institution. His goal is to sell his e-commerce company and work towards building high-functioning systems that help society on a massive scale. He has a deep love for animals that he expresses by volunteering for a wildlife sanctuary whenever he can and fostering puppies from his local shelter. In his free time, he enjoys reading a new history or social sciences book every week or hosting a dinner party for friends where he cooks his famous ahi tuna steaks.
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