Donor 6741 describes himself as a teddy bear that loves going to the gym. He has a muscular build and strong arms from time spent fixing things and working out. He has big, round dark-brown eyes that compliment his wavy dark-brown hair. He has strong masculine features like thick eyebrows and a mustache that are softened by his small, narrow nose and sweet smile. He is always perfectly polite and pleasant when interacting with others.
Donor 6741 is competitive and always strives to come in first for everything he does. In his childhood, he embraced his competitive nature by playing football, basketball, and baseball. The most important thing to him is family and his fondest memories are of him hiking and fishing while on camping trips with them. He enjoys cooking and his favorite dish to make is chicken tacos with Mexican rice. His goal is to one day travel to Japan and get a greater appreciation for their culture and discipline.
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