Donor 6715 is a tall, muscular individual with a love for weightlifting and volleyball. He has dark, wavy brown hair that’s cut short to give him a professional yet sporty appearance. His light blue, oval eyes pair well with his rose beige skin and pink cheeks. He speaks softly but politely with a sweet voice and earnest smile.
Donor 6715 is down to earth and describes himself as someone with a “go with the flow” attitude. He grew up on a 10-acre farm where he spent a lot of time working on the land with his family and learning how to fix things with his hands. This inspired him to grow a love for being a mechanic and he is now proficient in making all manner of repairs. His professional goal is to earn his Master’s degree in Chemistry with the hopes of doing more research towards battery and fuel cell storage. His personal goal is to earn a pilot’s license and fly to Australia for a visit.
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