Donor 6395 has thick, black, wavy hair, big, brown eyes and medium sized dimples that are so captivating when you first look at him. He takes his physical health seriously, which is evident in his toned body. He enjoys working out and participating in team sports such as soccer and volleyball.
Donor 6395 is known as a caregiver. This donor is very loyal to family and friends and has a tender heart. He is a careful observer, so he always knows the right things to say to those in need. This donor has an outgoing and extraverted personality. His favorite subject to study is mathematics. If given the chance to travel the world, he would go to El Salvador due to his family members being there. He would love the opportunity to be closer to his family and enjoy those precious moments with them. This donor seems like the type of person to do a task without you even asking.
To learn more about this donor's personality, see his Personality Test results.
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