Donor 6844 has large brown eyes topped by his thick eyebrows, giving him a kind appearance. He wears his facial hair short and well-groomed. He has a button nose and thick lips that turn into a big, warm smile, revealing his white and straight teeth. His thick, black hair is swept to the side, giving him an effortlessly styled look. He is always well dressed in business casual.
Donor 6844 is a young, dedicated, and driven undergraduate student. He is pursuing a bachelor's degree to achieve a career as a structural engineer. With his love for art, drawing, and creating, this career is very fitting. Early on, he was recognized for academic excellence in his primary school years. Donor 6844 is emotionally intuitive and enjoys developing and maintaining relationships with others. He enjoys spending time with his long-term partner and having open discussions with old and new friends. He loves picking up new hobbies and has recently enjoyed learning to cook new Japanese dishes and crocheting figurines. He dreams of traveling and gaining new experiences alongside his partner.
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