With a strong square jaw, high cheekbones, and full lips framing his naturally handsome smile, Donor 6652 has a face that easily lights up any room. He has thick, neatly trimmed, brown curly hair and deep brown oval-shaped eyes with full eyebrows. His honey-almond colored skin is free of blemishes. This donor has a very clean and well-kept fashion style.
Donor 6652 is a confident and straightforward individual that is very passionate about his interests. He is a firm believer in making the best out of any situation. He is optimistic and loves interacting with people. He has a very curious mind that is fond of mechanical work, especially involving cars, and understanding how things work in the world around him. Donor 6652 thrives on a good challenge and strives every day for success in his personal, professional, and family life.
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