Essay Questions

What is your most memorable childhood experience?My most memorable childhood experience is living in Korea as a child. There was a hill that I remember clearly, where I would spend every afternoon with my mother: eating lunch, running around, or just simply reading books.
What immediate family member do you closely identify with and why?I closely identify with my mother because she is the one who I talk to about everything. Whether it is her problems or mine, we are able to talk to each other about anything and just share what is in our hearts.
What character traits do you admire in an individual?I admire people who are thoughtful, those who know how to comfort people, and those who make others feel appreciated.
What is the funniest thing ever to happen to you?One of my funniest moments was performing a skit with a group of friends for church. We put on masks and portrayed different characters. Acting as someone who you are not can be really funny.
If time and money were not an issue, where would you travel and why?I would like to travel to Italy, because I really love the architecture there. I would like to be able to roam about the land, looking at all the ancient buildings and beautiful landscape there.
When and if you ever have children, what would you like to pass on to them?Someday if I were to have children, I would hope to pass on to them my talents in playing instruments. I believe that being ablle to play an instrument is one of the greatest talents one can have, just because of all the possibilities someone has with that ability.