Essay Questions

What is your most memorable childhood experience?Going camping and fishing with both of my parents, we went every summer a few times a year and would camp in a tent and have a lot of fun.
What immediate family member do you closely identify with and why?I identify with my older sister the most, we have similar interests and personalities. We get along well and have a fun time.
What character traits do you admire in an individual?Honesty, work ethic, responsible would be my top three.
What is the funniest thing ever to happen to you?This is a hard one for me to think of a certain time, I have had a lot of funny moments with my friends growing up, we did a lot of fun stuff as well. I surrounded myself with fun and funny people and had a great time. I cannot pick the most funny.
If time and money were not an issue, where would you travel and why?I would love to travel to China to see the culture there, I admire their work ethic and technology forward way of life. I would like to see the Great Wall and all of the technology that has not made it to the United States.
When and if you ever have children, what would you like to pass on to them?I want to pass on my caring and compassion for others and willingness to help. I have always loved to help those in need and like to do the same with my children. I would also like to pass on my work ethic, I hope my children get from me that hard work and determination go a long way. I work very hard and hope they see that and want to do the same.