Essay Questions

What is your most memorable childhood experience?My most memorable childhood experience was living in West Africa (Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast) for four years, between fourth grade and eighth grade. During this time I learned to speak French, made many friends from all over the world, and learned a lot about cultures very different from my own.
What immediate family member do you closely identify with and why?I identify most closely with my mother because we have similar personality types and are both empathetic and imaginative. She homeschooled me for several years while my family traveled overseas and also taught me to play piano. She is one of my role models in life because she is very kind, caring, and generous. She is also good at taking care of herself and having fun with creative projects.
What character traits do you admire in an individual?I most admire kindness and thoughtfulness in others, but also highly value creativity, playfulness, good humor, and vibrant energy.
What is the funniest thing ever to happen to you?The funniest thing that ever happened to me probably happened while working in early childhood education for several years. Its hard to narrow it down to one thing! Once a 5-year-old's parents asked me to babysit him after school, and when I told him the plan, he smiled and screamed directly into my face with joy. Although it startled me at the time, the memory always makes me laugh now.
If time and money were not an issue, where would you travel and why?I'd like to travel to Scotland and Denmark, because I have friends who moved to those places and have started families. It would be fun to get to visit and meet their babies while exploring new places I've never been.
When and if you ever have children, what would you like to pass on to them?I'd like to pass on my values of loving-kindness, social justice, and creativity.