Essay Questions

What is your most memorable childhood experience?At first, I thought of our family trip to Disney when I was 12. But thinking back on it, I think my family trip to Europe when I was 16 was more memorable. I was fascinated by the statue of David and the artistic ability of humans.
What immediate family member do you closely identify with and why?My father because we are close and have a lot of the same interests. My father and I both like football and outdoor activities. I wasn’t close to my father during my teenage years, but got closer to him as I matured. I see my father everyday since we still live in the same home.
What character traits do you admire in an individual?Honesty, loyalty, and compassion. Honesty is very important to me because it is the foundation for trust in any relationship. Loyalty is important because it also ties in with trust, honor, and shows good character. Compassion is important because it allows you to connect with others, which is essential for society. I see these character traits in my family members and it is likely why I value them so much.
What is the funniest thing ever to happen to you?When I was about 12, my father and I were watching a Bruce Lee movie. While trying to imitate a Bruce Lee move, my dad spilled his popcorn all over the floor.
If time and money were not an issue, where would you travel and why?Guam, because it is where some of my family is from and I have always wanted to go there. My only living family member that’s been to Guam is my grandfather, who was born there and has not been back since.
When and if you ever have children, what would you like to pass on to them?I would want to pass on my knowledge to my children so they can go even further in life than I do. This includes the knowledge of the proper way to live concerning thought perception, exercise, and diet. I want my children to have a better and more productive life than I will have.